The Coastal Property Experts

The Coastal Property Experts ( is the web site of a real estate agent in Laguna Beach.  With a long term goal of selling advertising to other real estate agents, the web site is hosted by a company using a weak and outdated contact management software that is hindering the website’s attempts at improving ranking and making certain changes to the site. In spite of that road block I was able to succeed. A list of my accomplishments is below.

  • Registered .us version of the domain name where I was able to upload files and run code.
  • Cut pay-per-click costs by 25% while increasing pay-per-click ranking and decreasing bounce rate on paid clicks.
  • Re-wrote pay-per-click ads.
  • Removed incorrect keywords.
  • Wrote software system so OTHER real estate agents (from 10 different cities!) could upload their weekly open houses to a database that was used weekly to publish open house reports for each of the 10 cities. There is no work done by back end to produce the report and due to the way the agent listing software was written the open house report information is based mostly on the real estate MLS listing (created by the listing agent) for each house.
  • Created ability for agents to list their phone numbers with the website so every time they published an open house it contained their phone number.
  • Wrote software for creating “weekly picks” reports. “Weekly picks” is a list of houses with custom introduction and descriptions that used to take almost an hour to create once the descriptions and introduction were written. I reduced that to 5 minutes while at the same time bringing consistency to the layout and design.
  • Increased Facebook “likes” from 230 to 1580.
  • Wrote lead capture program to force incoming paid clicks leave name and email address to proceed to website. Created the ability for each key word to go to unique URL after capturing that information.
  • Wrote software to overcome the shortcomings of the host when listing houses on a page. This software duplicated the look and feel of the website but increased keyword density by 100%.
  • Created pre-defined searches to overcome the lack of instruction for using the search software.
  • Increased page organic rankings for keywords. In the beginning the goal was to make the home page rank. After much arguing and work I was somewhat able to convince the owner that many pages had to rank and too much time was bring spent trying to make the home page rank for everything. At the end of the project, for example, a search on Google for Laguna Beach Homes shows as third organically, NOT the home page.
  • Fixed description meta-tags, link title tags, and image alt tags where possible.

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