Samples of Website Scraping

Sometimes a website has data you can use and you want it. In those cases a programmer like myself will dash out a custom script to gather up that data and make is useful. That’s what I’ve done with two sites, “Harp Tabs, a site for harmonica music, and “Song Key Finder“, a site for finding out what key a song is in.

In both cases I was seeking two things: songs in the key of C or G. Both sites offered songs in other keys of course but they were of no interest to me. Click to view the details of the harmonica songs scraping or continue reading for the Song Key Finder details.

While that site had a search feature, it also meant going back there and navigating to that point and searching for a song. So I just grabbed all the ones in “C” and “G” stuck them in a database (as well as listing them below). Just enter all or part of the artist or song name, select which it is and click search. There are over 1700 songs in the database.


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