is a rural land auction site running an “off the shelf” auction software. Originally meant for people to pay to run auctions like Ebay, the only auctions on the site were by the site owner who used it so people could bid for their down payments and sign a contract for the balance. When I started the project no land had ever been sold this way. Below is a list of my accomplishments.

  • Created several websites for driving traffic to main website. Wrote software to automatically update content on these websites by drawing data from active auctions on main site.
  • Wrote custom check-out software that integrated with PayPal for collecting winning bids & document processing fee. Software featured a text message alerting owner when a title needed to be prepared because payment was received.
  • Wrote software that automated auction re-listing process outside of original auction software.
  • Wrote custom software for managing “fake” bidders so auctions always looked like they were getting action.
  • Created long-tail keywords for pay-per-click advertising and custom landing pages for pay-per-click ads.
  • Coordinated the creation of celebrity impersonator video on home page.
  • Generated $1 million dollars in land sales contracts in 1 year.
  • Increased site traffic and sales by over 100%.

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