Online Work

View the links below for an in depth view into past and current projects.

  • Electronic Components Company – an independent electronics distributor with no website or business plan.

  • – A rural land auction site running “off the shelf” auction software.

  • The Coastal Property Experts – A real estate website managed by a content management company serving real estate agents. Running older and severely restricted content management software.

  • ThinkInk Marketing, a company specializing in hand written direct mail with an open rate of over 99%!

  • White House Property Management, an Orange County property management company specializing properties as big as 17 units or as small as one!

  • Monaco Jewelers, a Luxury Jewelry store located in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

  • Bad Drivers Exposed, a social media site using shame to generate auto insurance leads and driver awareness.

  • Harmonica Songs, an example of “website scraping.”