The Bessett Agency

The Bessett Agency was a small owner operated insurance office that hired me to run their online, manage the office systems and machines, and occasionally help out with customers. I ended up with an active insurance license from working there. Unfortunately, the owner got tired of running their own business so they sold their customers and closed shop.

  • Set up WordPress
    1. Created MySQL database on existing server
    2. Uploaded and installed WordPress
    3. Install customer purchased theme
    4. Configure theme
    5. Set up email accounts
    6. Install custom widgets and plugins
    7. Install Google Analytics code
  • Create Facebook Page
    1. Set up Facebook page.
    2. Helped post to face book
    3. Integrated with web site
  • Other Site Building/Marketing
    1. Actively built back links by contacting jewelery stores and other businesses for discounts on insurance appraisals for agency customers
    2. Worked to have our “QR” code used in print ads (ours and others)
    3. Created custom pages and scripts for various drawings and giveaways
  • Office Duties
    1. Maintain office computers.
    2. Install & configure proprietary insurance software on new computers
    3. Install & configure printers
    4. Install & configure wireless routers