Monaco Jewelers

Monaco Jewelers is a luxury jewelry store that had a company in Chicago design a web site for them that was built on the OpenCart platform. This was a “bare bones” site that left a great deal of development work in the hands of Monaco Jewelers. While much of the initial work had to be done using a slow and cumbersome OpenCart back end CMS system, once access to the database was gained I was able to write a custom script that shaves hundreds of man hours off of the job. I also handled the back-end transfer of their domain name from Yahoo to the new site.

  • Used OpenCart Software to complete the following:
    1. Configure categories to reflect actual products sold by Monaco Jewelers
    2. Created “category artwork” for each category
    3. Installed YouTube video to play on Custom Designs page
    4. Created multiple additional pages on site with content unique to Monaaco Jewelers
    5. Created product options (ring sizes for men and women, diamond sizes, metal type, etc.)
    6. Linked products together (i.e. while viewing an empty setting the software will offer you some loose diamonds what will fit in that setting.)
  • Wrote custom PERL scripts to do the following:
    1. Take a database of rings (weight in grams for up to 3 metals, plus description, plus total diamond weight where available) and load into store.
    2. For each item loaded the software automatically added a metal option if additional metals were needed. A formula was used to calculate how much EXTRA a metal upgrade cost. Selecting that metal added the extra to the base cost giving the new metal cost.
    3. Using the above information, the software modified the supplied description to add the weight of the 14 KT ring to the description as well as the weight and additional cost for any additional metals (e.g. “This ring is also available in 18 KT Gold (10.3g, + $180.00)”)
    4. Software also automatically included up to 13 ring sizes (8-14 plus 1/2 sizes) which could require an additional cost per metal for size 12+. This had to be calculated and inserted so if the size was selected the price increased accordingly.
    5. Calculated the price for each item using a cost per gram formula for each type of metal and diamonds.
    6. Cross checked the manual data entry of over 200 products by comparing the original price to the calculated sale price. Discovered almost 25 mistakes that were then easily corrected.
    7. Changed the description of 56 products at once.
    8. Created software for updating inventory on site from feed supplied by diamond exchange. Filters over 160,000 diamonds and loads chosen diamonds into online shopping cart. Also creates and updates Google Shopping feed.