White House Property Management

White House Property Management is a property management company in Orange County that specializes in landlords with properties as big as 17 units or as small as one. When we were introduced they were being charged a huge amount of money by an unscrupulous web person who was violating Google’s terms of use to get them ranked for certain search terms. He was also holding their website “hostage” because he claimed they owed him money. They were referred to me by a writer friend.

  • Took copy of website from other supplier, got own server, copied website over.
  • Helped them take other web person to small claims court where a settlement was able to be reached through arbitration. They got a partial refund and some bad links removed from other websites.
  • Created own Google Analytics account to monitor traffic.
  • Installed WordPress and own blog. Configured blog to match look and feel of own site.
  • Change photo on home page from static photo not representative of the kind of properties they manage and created slide show that does represent the kind of properties they manage.
  • Created Adwords campaign that includes the use of all the applicable ad extensions.
  • Other ongoing projects.