Sites I Frequent

Below are some of the sites I frequent on a regular basis.

  • The Consumerist, a website about things of a consumer nature. Reviews, warnings, etc. Like a digital free version of Consumer Digest
  • Neatorama is a “human interest” blog like site with links to articles, videos, unique web sites and such.
  • Lifehacker is a great site with all kinds of great tips to make life better.
  • BoingBoing is kind of like Lifehacker but more techy and geeky stuff. Not too deep though. More of the “maker” community. Think “Popular Mechanix” if you know that print magazine.
  • Popular Science magazine’s web site.
  • Cracked magazine, because a little humor is always good.
  • reddit claims to be “The front page of the Internet.” User submitted content, links, and other information. Lot’s of gems among just as many “not safe for work” (nsfw) links.

More will probably be added in the future.