Integrity. These people & companies have it!

Business People and Companies You Can Trust

It always helps to know someone. If you don’t know me this page doesn’t mean a whole lot. If you do you know me then you know this is a goldmine of good…people and companies that have consistently done the right thing. I stake MY reputation on it!

  1. Internet Communications Company

    Jason Ruffner and I have been working together on the internet since 1997. Domain name registrations, web hosting, virtual private networks (VPN), you name it. If it has to do with a server, Jason’s your man! You can call him today at 503-914-5156 or click the link above to go to his site!

  2. Lakewood Insurance Services

    Run by my brother John Diatalevi, Lakewood Insurance Services is a fully licensed no-fee insurance broker in California. This means that unlike many other brokers, John’s agency does not add a broker fee to their services. They can now shop your insurance needs with multiple companies and find the best match for you. Just like every other business, insurance companies give their “ideal” customers the best rate. Lakewood Insurance Services helps that happen. Call 562-630-4163 for a no obligation quote or click the link above.

  3. Balloon Animals by Gabe

    Gabe Newton is a recent addition to this list. I’ve only known him for 6 months but in that time I have seen him “step up” more than once. He does balloon animals for tips at Ruby’s Restaurant but is also available for private parties. Give him a call at 619-723-7810.

  4. 100.30fm – The Sound

    After a comedy of errors regarding a local event by them, the marketing manager for The Sound stepped up and made things right.

  5. Ramona Tire gets on the list for stepping up to fix an honest mistake by a new employee. Most companies would try and get out of a mistake made by a new worker when it’s going to cost the company more than a dollar or two. Not Ramona. From the second the mistake was discovered they stood behind what the employee quoted and made it clear they were doing so. It’s all about ethics and from what I see they’re doing it right.